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The Schuitema Family

The Schuitema Family

left-right: Jeremy Schuitema (with Porter the cat), baby Allie, Whitney Schuitema

The Schuitema Family

Ferndale, WA

We are thankfully both working full time through this pandemic, so that hasn't changed too much. Not being able to get together with family has been the hardest part of this stay at home order. We have missed holidays, birthdays, and major life events. And having all summer events cancelled gives us nothing to look forward to in the near future. It is sad, but at least we can still communicate through technology and we are enjoying all the extra family time at home while staying safe and healthy.

We need to take this experience and learn from it, hire the best of the best and come up with a plan of action for the next virus or a second wave or whatever comes our way. I'm afraid that won't happen – that this stays political and we continue to be divided while people are dying.

I've learned where a lot of people's hearts are at. It is interesting to see how different people are handling the pandemic. It is interesting to see differing points of view on how many people's deaths are acceptable for economics. It is interesting to see fear come out of people in different ways.

What they really mean by social distancing was actually physical distancing. It's important not to socially distance yourself during this time!

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