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The Pudell Family

The Pudell Family

left-right: Sarah Pudell, Silas Pudell, Elowyn Pudell, Asher Pudell, Brian Pudell

The Pudell Family

Bellingham, WA

I'm home most day with three kids. We have good days and down days. Trying to do some school work daily but usually it's minimal. But, I feel like we are closer and more loving. Going through this together and trying to stay positive. My husband is still working. I am a massage therapist and I'm not taking clients. Although I do get four hours a week at a local yarn store, filling online orders. I love and appreciate that time!

I have concerns on when life will go back to "normal" for my kids. They love school and miss playing with their friends. I have concerns that we can't get over this. And that more people will die.

People are so caring and giving. People are uplifting.

I have also experienced lots of anger from strangers that's unexpected. I know people are stressed and scared. Wearing a mask hides people's facial expressions and it's hard to communicate with others sometimes.

-- Sarah Pudell

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