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The Nix Family

The Nix Family

left-right: Kathy Nix, Rhylee Ivary, Olivia Nix, Ruby Nix, Jason Nix

The Nix Family

Ferndale, WA

My mom is the only one in our house deemed an essential worker so my dad, my sister, and I all look forward to seeing her after her long shifts. It’s crazy to lose all sense of routine with your job, friends, and other loved ones, but our animals are happy to have us home all the time :)

I’ve lived in this same house for my entire life. I grew up surrounded by family as my grandparents and uncle/cousin are my two sets of immediate neighbors. Watching the sense of community flourish in Whatcom County during all of this is reassuring that we are all in it together.

Working retail at a thrift store in town helped me connect closer to our homeless community, and as a parting note I’d like everyone to consider how difficult it is for that section of our community to have access to PPE and as many hygienic practices as the average household. Consider what can be easily donated to those around you and is helpful to them, non perishables, baby wipes, other toiletries and sanitizers.

Those around you are not always so fortunate. Thankfully I’ve gotten to experience firsthand the kindness and joy that people can provide despite tough times. Open your hearts to people who haven’t seen a kind friend in a while.

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