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The Gunter Family

The Gunter Family

left-right: Jeff Gunter, Kyle Gunter, Erin Gunter

The Gunter Family

Ferndale, WA

During this pandemic we have experienced many emotions. We started out hopeful that it would only be two weeks. We are all essential workers so we continued to work and hope that it would end quickly. We then were filled with anxiety. I work at Fred Meyer and it was crazy busy for 5 weeks. People everywhere, no social distancing, and we were not allowed to wear masks until 5 weeks in.
We were stressed and overworked and scared to get COVID-19.

On top of this we realized our son Kyle was done with his senior year. That broke our hearts. So many things not going to happen - prom, Senior Skip Day, graduation. So we have finally come to terms with this and are just glad we are all healthy.

Erin Gunter

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