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The Covell Family

The Covell Family

Foreground: Chase Covell; Background: Kim and Jeff Covell

The Covell Family

Blaine, WA

From Kim:

I am considered an essential worker but my hours have been reduced while both my husband and son are “working” from home. I have more time to do home chores, and enjoy having the extra time off, but not the lack of money. Plus, our son is a senior so it’s been a struggle there and sadness with all that he’s missing.

From Chase:

COVID-19 has caused me to be more aware of where I am in relation to others, and to miss my friends even more than usual.

The concerns that the virus has created for me are how close I am to people and if we are opening too soon.

I would tell someone from the future that during this time it was highly stressful and that it was not handled in the best fashion.

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