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The Arps Family

The Arps Family

Sarah & Eric Arps with children Braden (oldest), Avery (middle) and Baker (youngest)

The Arps Family

Ferndale, WA

In short, COVID-19 has affected us by having to homeschool one 5th grader and a preschooler while trying to keep a 2 year old happy. We didn’t go grocery shopping or anywhere for three months. We started a garden and got goats and tried to make the best out of our new life.

My only concern was staying healthy for my kids so I could continue to mom them so my husband could go to work at our small business we own.

It is all just so surreal. I would have never expected anything like this to happen. I pray that my kids can have a normal childhood with sports and friends, I’m hoping we have made it through the hard part.

I learned that I’m not a teacher nor do I ever want to be. Also that I don’t mind just staying home and not going anywhere.

-- Sarah Arps

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