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Rob and Valerie

Rob and Valerie

left-right: Valerie Coiner, Rob Coiner

Rob and Valerie

Bellingham, WA

Most important, my wife Val is pregnant with our first child. She's at week 34 as of today. I am working from home, supervising therapists for a non profit agency. She has had to return to work. So whereas I have gotten overwhelmed being stuck at home with so much professional work and home preparation, we also worry about her being exposed at her job.

Once our baby arrives, we'll need to keep her safe. My parents live on the other side of the country and have multiple vulnerabilities beyond their age. I feel limited in my ability to help them.

I'd tell future readers that we were not all "in the same boat" – the country has felt more divided than at any time in my life. We've had to hold together as families and social communities as we lost faith in larger institutions. For me, that has meant focusing upon my growing new family and taking care of the therapists and communities we serve in my work. The rest is beyond my control.

-- Rob Coiner

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