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J.P. and Sheila Grady

J.P. and Sheila Grady

left-right: JP Falcon Grady, Sheila Grady

J.P. and Sheila Grady

Bellingham, WA

I'm a self-employed singer-songwriter and entertainer used to traveling with my wife, Sheila, to play music wherever gigs can be had. With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us close to home, we've found solace in spending more time together at home with our five dogs and one cat. Livestreaming music and song has been a surprisingly new way for me to stay connected with fans and bring in a little financial support and help cope with the pandemic. Sheila loves spending time outside in the garden growing fresh plants and vegetables. She also passes the time knitting, playing the guitar and singing.

Our friend's, our family member's, and our community's serenity, peace of mind, and ability to help each other during the pandemic have been forefront in both our hearts and minds.

The experience has been surreal and frightening, while simultaneously being a time to prioritize and simplify our lives.

-- J.P. Falcon Grady

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