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Heather, Drew and Margot

Heather, Drew and Margot

Heather Flaherty and Drew Smith with baby Margot

Heather, Drew and Margot

Bellingham, WA

I had my first baby on May 9 and got to bring her home on Mother’s Day, which feels extra special because I lost my mom when I was 22 years old. Now a decade later, I’ve come full circle and have been blessed to become a mom myself. This pandemic has been both a gift in some ways and awful in others. The extra time with my husband to bond has been extraordinary. Not having visitors to meet my baby has been good at times (especially the teary and bleary moments) and also devastatingly lonely at others.

I have worry and anxiety about going out in public. Even having family come to meet the baby is scary. I haven’t gone to a store since March – and when it is “safe” to go back to work, tolerating the risk of childcare for my infant and staying healthy as her mom is also a big consideration and worry.

It’s important to take care of yourself. But don’t take more than you need. Photos of seniors at grocery stores trying to get food and supplies that have run out just break my heart. Also, all of the helpers are inspiring. Be a helper if you can. And pray good things for all the helpers too.

- Heather Flaherty

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