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Genevieve and Greg

Genevieve and Greg

left-right: Greg Arnold, Genevieve Baglio

Genevieve and Greg

Bellingham, WA

I'm really worried about how we, as a country, recover from this. Our government is doing such a terrible job handling the emergency, and it's causing even more division, putting a heavy political spin on what should be an event that unites us as a country.

I think the best case scenario is that it causes people to realize how our government has been failing us, and that it is time to fight for the same kinds of rights that other countries have (like healthcare). But, honestly I'm feeling pretty pessimistic these days. Given the lack of consequences this administration has faced for their actions, it seems like we'll be stuck in this cycle forever.

We actually worked from home before this, so it's not a huge change for us. Before that, I was a working musician, and I've found that staying home is much preferred for me over the amount of travel I once did, so I don't mind it.

We lost our dog at the beginning of lockdown, which has been very tough. The isolating doesn't help. Although we're very lucky to still have jobs and a wonderful home so we're doing our best to be thankful!

-- Genevieve Baglio

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